Part 1. Exercise 4

I used various strengths of Quink black ink for this exercise.  It is a material I have little experience with but would really like to start to understand how to use it hence my choice to use it here.  What would I do differently if I were starting this project again – I would be more sparing with my mark making and approach the image in a tonal way. I also question whether it would be beneficial for me to produce 6 x 10 minute drawings, one after another – as I might learn from each experience and start accumulating  knowledge about the medium and a more intimate connection with how I might use it for my own work.

Painting upside down

10 minutes

I realised I wasn’t paying enough attention during the first attempt – the proportions were all wrong, I was being careless.  Attempt number 2 was better, I’m starting to think more about the space within the image and the tonal qualities – the proportions are still wrong though, again probably due to a lack of commitment on my part.


20 minutes

I started to understand more to look outside my idea of the image – to look for the tones and shapes rather than trying to draw an inverted figure. Having no experience using washes of inks this gave me more confidence to want to pursue this medium further, particularly as it makes me focus on tonal qualities.



Further attempts

Having reflected to myself that there is something in the 10 minute paintings that I am missing, I decide to follow my own idea and produced another 5 images.  Key things I learnt:-

  • proportion is vital
  • adding detail to a key area brings the whole piece together (in this case the face).  If that detail is there the rest can be more abstract
  • Tonality – to ensure that enough white space is left – the light in the right place (and shadow) adds believability and depth
  • to laugh at the disasters!
  • to think about paper choice – I particularly liked trying
Hot paper – terrible proportions – her face has taken on a comic effect
Not paper – enjoyed the texture of using this paper and the different colour that the ink went
part 1(4)9
200gsm cartridge – the colour was denser, less vibrant using this paper
Hot paper – starting to understand what to do with the face but the body is out of proportion
Not paper – again, liked the texture, body is proportioned better but spent most of the 10 mins on the face and trunk so the rest looks rushed and flat

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