Part 1. Exercise 3.

The outcome of these quick paintings were to produce dynamic and interesting mark making in more of a drawing-style.  There was a freshness to them – an abstraction where I was free to move away from a literal interpretation of the image because of the time constraints. The images using different tones of paint worked well as there is a level of differentiation between layers without it bringing in too much definition and it also heightens a sense of depth.

Key points:-

  • The NOT paper was harder to work with – the brush dried up too quickly so the marks were unsatisfying
  • I preferred working on the smoother surface of the cartridge and didn’t find the quality too flimsy to cope with the layers of paint.
  • I preferred working with a wider brush – long and thin felt harder to keep loaded with paint and I had to revisit the palette for more paint too frequently for a 1 minute painting.
  • I can see potential in these drawings – there is life within the mark making and there are areas that feel like the beginning of a painting.

I produced 2 x gouache drawings and 2 x black watercolour using 2 x NOT watercolour paper and 2 x 200gsm cartridge.

used different colour gouache for each figure on NOT watercolour paper


used different strengths of ink on cartridge paper


used different strengths of ink for each figure on cartridge paper


different colours and strengths of gouache on NOT watercolour paper


I had been reading one of the first exercises in the book Ball, E. (2015) Drawing and Painting People Wiltshire: The Crowood Press Ltd – in it she suggests making various sets of marks and at the end of the process to “mix a large amount of a good colour….with this colour, paint out everything except those marks that you felt had some value above the others”.

As soon as I had read this I was keen to try it – it opened up a new possibility for me in terms of an approach to working.  I therefore chose to overpaint one of the pieces produced for the exercise to see how I could develop the drawing further.

I used three different colours of gouache over the gouache line drawing on NOT watercolour paper.  I find the resulting piece exciting – there are such possibilities within it, a completely new way of working for me and certainly one I would like to pursue. I imagine trying a larger painting, perhaps A1, and to see if I can start learning how to edit out information using this technique.  This is one of my biggest challenges and this might perhaps give me an experiential way of learning how to create space within my work.




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