Part 1 – Preparation for working with found images

I have decided to work on collections of portraits/life drawings – I want to build on my ability to pare down and edit out with my work.  I feel my personal voice lies with the depiction of the human form, of the human experience, however, I have no idea as yet how that will be.

Of the artists listed to research I found Luc Tuymans the most exciting – his use of reduced colour palette seems to potentise his images.  I am also interested in the messages behind his work – most of which are challenging in some way or other and add to the way I connect to the work.

Luc Tuymans

Gerhardt Richter

Richter’s work also feels powerful.  Capturing movement seems something I am unable to do – there is life in the portraits and yet the movement also adds a more disturbing quality to each piece.  Technically I question how on earth I could try and paint in this way!  I need to get up close and see both Tuymans and Richter’s work in person as I feel I would learn an awful lot in terms of technique and application of medium.

Keith Tyson

‘Drawings & Words’ – I am pretty much blown away by this series of work.  It leaves me speechless.  I love it, I find I want to devour it – it’s like a melting pot of pure inspiration and creativity and I want to dive into it.  It makes me feel overwhelmed too.  It somehow reflects exactly what I want to say, but makes me question whether I will ever have the ability to say it.


My choice of images for Exercise 1:-









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