London Print Fair 6.5.16

It was great to see so many different styles of work from so many different eras (and price brackets!). Five pieces that inspired me are below:-

GraysonPerryGrayson Perry, Map of Nowhere

I it find thrilling to stand before Grayson Perry’s work.  Why? It pleases my brain immensely.  There is humour and darkness and such cleverness…I always look at Perry’s work and wish I could have thought of it myself as it reflects my inner world so beautifully.  Genius.




Tom Phillips RA, A Humument pg 168: Twighlight Railings, 2012

This reminded me of work I have seen before at an exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery.  I love the meticulous creation of work involving a page from a book.  It is sacrilege and reverence in equal measure.  There is a delicacy to the transformation of a page. The shape of the words and the path they create like a drawn line.


AnneDesmetRAAnne Desmet RA, Palmira: Approaching Storm, 2015

Again, there is a real delicacy to this piece.  It reminds me to explore collage, to work with found images, to incorporate them, to perhaps make them myself and then use in the work?  I could combine my own printmaking to then collage?  I was also inspired by the use of a 3D object – *Reminder to myself to revisit this artist for Section 2.



Emma Talbot, A Walled Garden, Red 2015

I like Talbot’s work for their drawn quality.  There is something ethereal, gentle and disquieting about her work.  I like the juxtaposition of the patterned background with the drawings – almost textile in quality.



BetsyDaddBetsy Dadd, Basement II, 2015

Strikingly simple, atmospheric, great colour palette *Reminder to research her work for Section 3.

Monoprints – gestural, slightly abstract, reduced to minimal marks but all the more potent for it.


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