Michael Craig-Martin talk at RA for London Print Fair 6.5.16

Inspiring to hear such a prolific artist talking about his work in general.  The points that I felt were pertinent to my own practice were:-

  • when painting might be singular, parents can be created as closely related and in sets – to be made and sold together
  • nearly every image that appears in a print appears in a painting too
  • Great printmakers – Picasso, Richard Hamilton, Jasper Johns
  • Joseph Albers colour course – *Must see if this is something that is available in any form
  • you have to act on colour all the time
  • people’s ability to look at things is becoming less accurate because we are so used to looking at screens.  We don’t know how to relax with a painting and take it in.  Need to acquire the habit of seeing.
  • large sets of prints forming a single image rather than a group of images – helps keep the production manageable.
  • Seurat drew the people in separate studies for ‘The Bathers’ and then pieced together the painting from them.  *Try and do this myself – make drawings and literally use them as collage material
  • objects that are so pervasive in our world – the least valued because they are everywhere – they are the most interesting because they are so invasive
  • what is more famous than the famous – the ordinary.  They are the things that describe our world, our values
  • Drawing things identically to remove hierachies
  • Take a famous painting – remove the people – then have a painting with just the people, a painting with just the drawings (not all paintings have the element of place and painting to be able to split them up). *Must be able to take this idea somewhere – really conceptually exciting.

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