Assignment 1 Tutor Report


Formative feedback


Student name Angela Johnson Student number 513795
Course/Unit Understanding Painting Media Assignment number One
Type of tutorial (eg video/audio/written) Written


Overall Comments


Thank you for your very well organised and thoughtfully edited portfolio.  You have obviously engaged with all exercises and tasks, with great enthusiasm and hunger.  It is reassuring and a pleasure to see you developing a reflective and critical approach to making, researching and thinking.  


You’ve developed a sound awareness of process and technique with regard to monochrome wet processes.  There are also some very interesting approaches to ‘Exercise 1’  (I’ve placed the 3 sheets to which I refer at the top of this package).  The gouache has a simplicity, brevity and a psychologically disturbing quality.  The use of subtle transparent layering on another also suggests an uncanny nature.


It is apparent you apply a committed work ethic and rigour to your process and studies.  There is still room to challenge yourself and I’m sure you’ll embrace the ‘pointers’ below.  


You passing comment upon the potential for the ‘grotesque’ and ‘edgy’- it would be helpful to inquire in depth what you mean by these phrases.  I suggest some particular reading and references to inform your understanding of these terms see:  ‘Suggested Reading’


With regard to your exploration of ‘touch’ and ‘blindness’ have you considered monoprinting with oil-based ink/paint- approaching these whilst focussing on your reference, not the paper on the ink.  has an interesting link to a The Bottom Line MOMA show on Degas’ monoprints (plus an archive worth scouring)


At this early stage of the course you are touching on some challenging,  interesting and complex concepts regarding identity, the original and mediated image.  I’m looking forward to seeing how you might explore these further as you progress through the course.


Assignment 1 Assessment potential

You may want to get credit for your hard work and achievements with the OCA by formally submitting your work for assessment at the end of the module. More and more people are taking the idea of lifelong learning seriously by submitting their work for assessment but it is entirely up to you. We are just as keen to support you whether you study for pleasure or to gain qualifications. Please consider whether you want to put your work forward for assessment and let me know your decision when you submit Assignment 2. I can then give you feedback on how well your work meets the assessment requirements.


Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity


A very good range and consistent development of technical and visual skills (mainly across monochrome, wet media).  There is evidence of a reflective personal voice developing throughout the portfolio.  


There is thought behind the experiments and tasks, going much beyond the suggested.  You utilise suggested tasks to inform what & how you choose to develop next.  


Your reflection and inquiry feed-back into your process.  It would seem beneficial to question your pace in the next series of experiments, then into your outcomes.  This should help you consider how you layer,  your choice of scale & format of surface.  It will also challenge you to be even more concise in your choice of marks. (See ‘Pointers..’)


You’ve tested out various display possibilities and these were clearly informed by primary and secondary research.  I wonder what would result, if you placed them in a grid ‘blind’, then turned them over.  Or tried some alternative blind , random process.



Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity


You use your sketchbook as a site for experimentation, musing and thinking on the page, which is good and beneficial practice.  You allow yourself to flip between quick, tentative processes and more considered illustrations.  There are a couple of subtle layered,  broad stroked drawings that have an elegance.


There is an unfolding or unfurling quality to some of the early sketchbook work, (it appears to me) reflecting your early thoughts around the nature of struggle, being-seen and what it means to exist.  They evidence a provisional, temporal nature of drawing- yet also the need to hold ideas lightly.  Thereby allowing yourself to explore not only technique and visual language, but also creativity.



Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis  


Your range and diversity of artists research is very good and a strength which is clearly feeding into your process and technique.  You analyse well and comment in a thoughtful manner.  You are developing textual and analytical language, as you research very important for your practice.


With regard to context; relating to your content and conceptual ideas, this is an area to be invested in, as your personal voice develops.  See ‘Pointers.. regarding the uncanny and gothic.


Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis  


It is very good to see you utilising your blog as both an archive and a critically engaged thinking space.  You have a methodical, organised and lively approach to research and reflection.  Your commentary has a depth and an enthusiasm- your hunger and eagerness to learn and challenge yourself is palpable in the text and use of images.  


Your instagram also reflects an enlightening eclecticism.  I look forward to the ‘fanzine’ you’re begining with other students and suggest you consider some writing alongside the imagery.


Suggested reading/viewing


re: Mike Nelson curated show  ‘The Uncanny’ and there other related articles / interviews on the same site.


‘The Gothic’  Gilda Williams

Ansel Krut (circa 2000 rather than his recent work)

Roxy Walsh

Alex Katz


Pointers for the next assignment

  • Reflect on this feedback in your learning log.


  • You are developing both a particular and personal inquiry the Angela Johnson project; which has scope for development through the next assignment (should you choose to).
  • It may be useful to undertake a series of experiments at a much smaller scale i.e: the same size as Facebook profile.  Keep your brush marks concise and slowly build up lean layers of paint.
  • You mention admiration / appreciation of translucency and texture it would be good to see you develop these qualities further.
  • Explore some subtle mixed monochrome / colour in future series.
  • In order to further challenge ‘predictability’ try really slowing down your pace, may be in combination with shrinking scale.
  • Research and reflect on the Reading / Viewing.


Please inform me of how you would like your feedback for the next assignment.   Written or video/audio


Well done, I look forward to your next assignment.


Tutor name Cheryl Huntbach
Date 07/06/16
Next assignment due 07/07/16



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