Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016

I have never been to the Summer Exhibition before.  So I was pleasantly surprised that it was so inspiring. I went with the idea to look for images that capture the essence of ‘the uncanny’ for me.  The below show the essence of what I set out to find.

RA1 RA2 RA4 RA5   RA8  RA10

There is something unspoken, hidden, lurking in them.  Most of them leave me feeling a sense of disquiet but also draw me in too.


I also picked out these pieces for their vibrant qualities.



I enjoyed not knowing who had created what – it felt like a blind response which meant I was unencumbered by any intellectual connection.  It challenged me simply to be present with what was before me and my responses were a pure reflection of that.

I left feeling incredibly inspired and uplifted by all I had seen.  I was also interested in the ideas presented about use of materials – work on wood, enamel, 3-dimensional, 3-d on canvas – lots for me to consider and possibly integrate into my own practice.


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