Part 2. Research

Julian Walker

Really clever, intelligent ideas.  Incredibly creative.  Love the interventionist embroidery. Also the carved pills. (Recently saw some of this work at the Wellcome Collection).

Lisa Milroy

Really like the still life series of work, particularly ‘Mourning Barbies’ – I want to continue to work with dolls in some way in my own practice

How does it make me feel? At 155 x 245cm I imagine this piece of work is really potent with the Barbies presented larger than life.  On a screen it reduces the impact, however, it still has an intensity to it.

Do I like the work? Yes, I like the repetitive nature of it and also the concept of Barbie’s in mourning – they are always presented in such a pink life of glamour and glitter that it amuses me to see the typical being juxtaposed with the unexpected.

What does it remind me of? 1950’s ladies, wallpaper, oppressed women

What about the composition? It is like an oversized oppressive piece of wallpaper.  The repetition of the figures adds weight and intensity to the image.

What style is the work in? realism

What colour palette has the artist used? Largely monotone with highlights of colour for the skin areas.

What is the subject matter? Dolls in mourning – the more I think about the concept of this piece the deeper the concepts are that come to me.  I really connect with the concept of the person with the ‘perfect’ life suddenly finding themselves in a state of loss or deprivation, struggling with alien feelings and experiences and not able to cope.  I am also struck by the concept of war-time widows, groups of women in the 1950’s having lost their husbands and alone in their banal existence that no longer holds any vibrancy or interest.

What’s the significance of the title? ‘Mourning Barbies’ – re-emphasises the dark element of the piece, reminds the viewer of mortality, death, isolation

What’s the date? 2012


Paul Westcombe

The cups are the work I am most interested in – there is a special quality about them, the work seems all the more potent because it is encapsulated into the confines of the space.

Lee Edwards

There’s a majestic quality to Lee’s work. The meticulous detail, the changing nature of the way he produces his work.  Very inspiring.

‘In the morning’ 2011, 6.7 x 4.3 x 8.3. Oil on wood

How does it make me feel? slightly disturbed, that there is an eerie quality to only seeing the head from behind, seemingly disappearing into the wood

Do I like the work? Yes, it is visually interesting, the choice of materials add intrigue and also add to the overall impact of the painting.

What does it remind me of? alien beings – the support seems to be engulfing the person.

What about the composition? The negative space in the blocks really add to the strength of the painting.

What style is the work in? realistic paintings on unexpected support

What colour palette has the artist used? monotone

What is the subject matter? figurative images – heads and in this case, just the hair on the back of a woman’s head. They are intriguing and challenging as the heads are disembodied – the viewer is then left to sense whether the body is inside the wood, is the wood the body, is the wood swallowing the body and all we see of the body is what has been left exposed?  There is a darkness to these pieces despite the delicacy and beauty of them.

What’s the significance of the title? In the Morning – is it a reflection on someone else seeing the woman in the morning, or is it the reflection of the subject herself?  It leads one to consider further the context of the painting, what she is doing, why is she there?

What’s the date? 2011


David Dipré

Cathy Lomax

I have already posted about Cathy Lomax – I am really inspired by her approach to her practice.  One collection that particularly amuses and interests me is the Love Cubes – very witty!

Alli Sharma

Tabitha Moses

I absolutely love ‘The Dolls (x-rays)’ work.  Conceptually interesting/challenging, unconventional use of medium, incorporates dolls again, which I am drawn to.


3-D artist/Collections examples

Emily Speed

There is an absolute beauty to Emily Speed’s work. Using the 3-D format really adds a palpable sense of the exquisite – the context and conceptualisation of her work adds brevity – really inspiring.

How does it make me feel? in awe, like crying it is so beautiful

Do I like the work? Absolutely, the beauty of it is beyond words

What does it remind me of? sacred texts

What about the composition? Using the folding/unfolding book format to reveal the text adds further to the feeling that one is unfolding something deeply important, valuable, exquisite/rare

What style is the work in? Text alongside printed images

What colour palette has the artist used? monotone

What is the subject matter? Speed describes this work as follows:-

“I used his poem ‘Slow Magic’to create this folding print, specifically because it explores the psychology of architecture, somthing we are both interested in. The bookwork unfolds and reveals the poem slowly, hidden under angular paper.”

The style and format of the book is like an exploration of thought, there is something ethereal about the quality of the work.

What’s the significance of the title? ‘Slow Magic’ – not only is it the title of the poem inside the book, it also describes the performance of unfurling the book, the gradual unwrapping of the sacred creation.

What’s the date? 2009/10

Steve Quinn

Twin Peaks table

Seemingly full of endless ideas, Quinn’s work has an edgy sense of fun and a real strong, contemporary presence.  It reminds me to think outside the box and also to try new presentation for ideas – the table, the use of collage.  Using found images blown up much larger and then used for collage.




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