Pointers to work on from Tutor Report/Tutorial post part 1


  • monoprint focussing on reference not ink or paper – do this to try and extend my understanding of the Angela Johnson project.
  • Research the mono print MOMA show ‘The Bottom Line’ on Degas’ work as suggested (http://www.drawingcenter.org/)
  • Explore further the concepts regarding identity, the original and meditated image
  • work on PACE in my next series of experiments and then in my outcomes
  • Work with layering, choice of scale and format
  • Be even more concise in my choice of marks
  • Try and incorporate the ‘blind’ into my approach, and also the random
  • continue to experiment with holding ideas lightly – to help explore technique, visual language and creativity – not about grasping something to understand it, it’s about being with something and connecting with it
  • anchor my work more with context relating to my content and conceptual ideas (e.g. gothic/uncanny)
  • Continue Angela Johnson project into part 2 – do a minimum of 6 versions of each Angela
  • series of experiments on a much smaller scale – keep brush marks concise and slowly build up lean layers of paint
  • develop qualities of translucency and texture further
  • explore subtle mixed monochrome/colour
  • Research Goya’s work and Velasquez
  • Try to constantly break my habitual way of working.  I am habitual rather than working in a beneficial way. Need to do something quite different with my content, skills and processes.  Need to break some habits.
  • Take time to look at work when I am making it
  • Take time away from work
  • Hang the work upside down – might help me look at it with more objectivity, or through a mirror
  • Come to the work and own it
  • Use the banal content of the coursework to grasp other processes and techniques.  Using them as practice and sketchbook work and use the exercises for the Angela Johnson project

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