The Uncanny and Gothic

I am really excited to be focussing on this.  The idea that I can draw on philosophy and academic writing to deepen my practice is really exciting and it will also enable me to start to understand how to contextualise my work.

This is a blog I am going to continue to change and update as I start to understand what this all means to me in connection with my art practice, and also in connection to my Angela Johnson project.

Ideas to try and bring the uncanny into my practice:-

  • Use subtle transparent layering – Cheryl comments that this can suggest an uncanny nature (in relation to some work in ex 1.1)
  • Using gouache – Cheryl comments (on ex 1.1) that  gouache has a simplicity, brevity and psychologically disturbing quality.

Directives from Tutor Report:-

  • enquire in depth into what I mean by the potential for ‘grotesque’ and ‘edgy’ in my work.

Books I am reading/will read:-

‘The Gothic’ by Gilda Williams

‘The Bloody Chamber and other stories’ by Angela Carter

‘The Uncanny’ by Sigmund Freud

‘The Gothic Fairytale in Young Adult Literature’ by Joseph Abbruscato and Tanya Jones

‘Drawing Around the Body’ by Juliet MacDonald

‘Powers of Horror’ by Julia Kristeva

Intention:- try and do some kind of drawing/painting response to these texts as I work through them as well as writing about them

Looking back

I also thought to start a collection here of the ‘uncanny’ or ‘gothic’ connections that I see reflected in my own past.

  • ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • Aztec ritual sacrifice
  • ‘The Crow’, by Ted Hughes
  • Horror Top Trumps from 1970’s
  • Fields of the Nephilim, the Damned, Sisters of Mercy
  • ‘Jude the Obscure’, Thomas Hardy

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