Part 2 investigatory work (Additional work for part 3)

In my attempt to move away from a literal interpretation of my images and to start layering as suggested by my tutor, I worked next on a set of mono prints of 6 of the different Angela Johnson’s – but this time as screen prints.

I painted the inks onto the screen as well as using water-soluble crayons.  I then printed the image once, let it dry and added a further layer to try and accentuate the parts of the prints that were working and to change the areas that weren’t. The 6 below are the ones that I was most pleased with.  I have tried using different application of the ink and different mark making for each of the different people.  I realise that this is still in the experimental stage and there is a lot of room for improvement, however, I did feel that this work was a step forwards with the AJ project — or at least was slightly less ‘habitual’ than some of my work in part 1.


The other prints are as follows:-







Working in 2 layers has enabled me to create a more uncanny feeling to the prints.  The feeling that there are obscured layers hidden beneath the surface.  There was also potential to play with the presentation of eyes.

Ideas to continue this further:-

  • to apply less ink in the first layer.
  • Perhaps to use a clear medium rather than colour for the background of the first print – that way I might be able to utilise the white of the paper rather than everything being covered in ink
  • to think further about how to depict eyes
  • think further about tonal qualities of the prints – there is too much mid-tone in the work.  Need to contemplate using tone as a choice to represent the energy of each person
  • try to take this learning on further using paint

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