Part 2 Investigatory work (Exercise 3.1)

1 minute

ink35 ink34 ink32 ink31 ink30 ink26 ink27 ink28 ink29 ink19 ink20 ink21 ink22 ink23 ink24 ink25 ink1

2 minutes

ink18 ink7 ink8 ink9 ink10 ink11 ink12 ink13 ink14 ink15 ink16 ink17

3 minutes

ink5 ink2 ink3 ink4



2 minutes seemed to be the optimum time.  1 minute was too rushed and 3 minutes ended up overworked.

Only keeping a small detail defined added interest – there are too many that have too much information and look a mess.

For example, ink8 the detail of one eye works with this and enabled me to have less information on the other one

Or this ink21 was quite a success – the eyebrows and gestures for nostrils and mouth also then enabled me to be less detailed.

ink24 This one is a reminder of the power of leaving the white of the paper – the eye on the left is incredibly intense because it is surrounded by such stark darkness.

ink13 This was also a good reminder to think about composition – I think the eyes looking upwards add a sense of disquiet to the image.



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