Part 2 Investigatory work (Exercise 3.2)

I wanted to try and work with my self-portraits as the speed they were produced lent themselves to being more abstract.  I also want to continue work on the Angela Johnson project with this set of work so I am using my self portrait to experiment with.  I will then be able to use what I have learnt and the processes I have experimented with to apply to my work on the AJ project as a whole.

I tried to be gestural, more abstract – I am aiming to find new ways of working, of moving away from the habitual – something that proves to be very difficult!  I tried to put into place what I had learnt with the ink paintings – particularly using a detail to pull the piece together rather than overworking the images. I also tried adding zest-it on some of the prints to them to allow drips to form and to change the consistency of the ink.

The successful prints

Based on this ink drawing:-


ex3.1 12 ex3.1 11 ex 3.1 6 ex3.1 5   ex3.1.2 ex3.1 1

I tried using hosho and Somerset paper for these prints.  The Somerset had much greater absorption and created a richer effect from the ink – I noticed a lot less ink left on the plate using the dampened Somerset than the other paper.

IMG_8820 IMG_8821

The first image above is the plate pre-printing – I really like the translucence of the drypoint plate and am intending to use this as a background for a series of Angela Johnson paintings.  I also wonder about the possibility of using a lightbox behind the images to create a ‘saintly’ glow – either to represent the Angela’s that are heavily religious or indeed to juxtapose the Angela that was on death row.

Prints that I could work into further with a second layer print – I will take a couple of these further for 3.4.

ex3.1 13   ex3.1 3 ex3.1 4

Prints that didn’t work – I am looking forward to using a couple of these for exercise 3.4 to see how I can transform what initially seems like a failure.

Based on this ink drawing:-


ex3.1 14 ex3.1 7 ex3.1 8 ex3.1 9 ex3.1 10



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