Part 2 investigatory work (Exercise 3.3)

I worked on these images in pairs, trying to use different techniques and colour ways for each image. It is interesting seeing them working (or not) together.  Note to myself to consider pairing up the Angela Johnson images using a common theme.

ex3.2 8 ex3.2 7

ex3.2 6 ex3.2 5

ex3.2 3 ex3.2 2

ex3.2 1


I was trying to experiment with my connection with the uncanny and how I might portray that with these prints.  As instructed, I used rags, cotton buds etc to wipe away the ink.  I also used a palette knife to apply the ink in one of the prints.

what worked:-

  • some of the cool/warm colour combinations
  • the interesting textures created by diluting and removing ink

what needs thought:-

  • the ink is too thinned in a few of these prints – need to try and combine that with the denser colour else it becomes to vague
  • need to contemplate composition even when experimenting like this
  • my work is still looking far too familiar.  I am getting to a bit of a crisis point now – I really don’t know what I need to do to break through.



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