Part 2 and Part 3 in Parallel

Addendum to this post – I have now reached the end of part 2. On reflection it is clear now that my part 3 work has been a crucial part of the process in shifting my habitual way of working.  I now, therefore, see the exercises simply as extra preparatory work/sketchbook work rather than coursework to submit for part 3. I will, therefore, start part 3 again once I have had my assignment feedback.

Having started exercise 2.1 I also decided to work on part 3 during the sessions I have at the print studio every couple of weeks.  Initially I was anticipating I would simply be dabbling with the odd print, however, I have found that the work for part 3 is crucial for informing my approach for part 2 and vice versa.

The comment from my tutor that there was something ‘habitual’ in my work has really struck a cord with me.  Every attempt I have to try and step outside of my ‘norm’ has been failing.  There is nothing new coming from my way of painting.  Because of this, and because I am continuing my work on the ‘angela johnson project’ for part 2, I have used part 3 to try and explore ways to experiment with my approaches, find something that will enable me to un-learn my habitual response to the work I am doing.

As such I am now posting my ‘exercise 2.1’ as an unfinished post.  I am then posting the work as I have done it for part 2 and 3 to show how the two lines of work were woven together in my learning and understanding.

I also feel that exercise 2.1 is really important for me – I particularly want to find a way to work with Humbrol paint, however, i want to do so in a ‘new’ way.  I am, therefore, going to return to this exercise before I reach my assignment work in the hope that I will have shifted my way of working in some way by that stage.


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