Exercise 2.1 revisited

Having worked on the mono prints for exercise 2.2 I now felt able to go back and use the Humbrol paint with a little more flexibility.

I had left the pieces painted on the drypoint sheet for a while and going back to them over a week later enabled me to relate to them differently.

The second layers are as follows:-

First layer


Second layer

humbrol1.1 Humbrol1.2 humbrol1.3

humbrol1.4 Humbrol1.6 humbrol1.7

This time I found using the Humbrol much more satisfying as I allowed myself to be more experimental – I added some layers using my left hand and I also added some paint really thickly and allowed it to drip.  I can now see how using this kind of approach can really add texture and partial abstraction to the images.  I was particularly pleased with these two images:-

humbrol1.1 Humbrol1.2

These are the smallest by far at approximately 5cm x 5cm and I feel worked the most effectively with the medium.  I am, therefore, going to attempt working on more small images and choosing a very limited colour palette.  The first of the two images above reminded me tonally of Luc Tuyman’s work and I will, therefore, research his work and Geraldine Swayne’s before I start on the series of smaller pieces.

After layer 3:-

humbrol3.6 humbrol3.5 humbrol3.4

humbrol3.3 Humbrol3.2 Humbrol3.1

Having struggled hugely with this exercise in the end I have found it really liberating.  I really like the textural effects created within the thicker layers of Humbrol.  I am also interested in using photos of the smaller pieces, enlarging them substantially and using that as a basis for a series of work as the shapes within the paint are themselves, incredibly beautiful (for example, see the enlarged 5 x 5cm piece below).


I am intending to take this work further for exercise 2.3 – I have a number of compact mirrors that I would like to use Humbrol to paint more Angela Johnson portraits on.

I will, therefore, complete some small experiments of 5 x 5cm paintings using Humbrol on metal before I approach exercise 2.3 as I feel I need to know how I will use the paint on the mirror/metal surface and also how I might paint the images to best effect. I am intending to do this with a minimum of 3 layers of paint, to use the paint thickly enough to create unexpected textures and patterns and to only use my left hand to attempt to create a new mode of approach and working within myself with this medium.


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