Where do I go from here? Self reflection and pointers from tutorial

I’ve hit a wall and now feel out of my depth and am really unsure where to take my work.  I have been trying to absorb lots of different ideas, have been pushing myself to experiment using my left hand to paint and to produce work without looking.  I have tried to work slowly, in layers but at the end of it I now question whether I have achieved anything at all.

I got the impression from my last tutorial that I am perhaps still working in a habitual way.  I thought I had been engaged, so I am disappointed in myself that I haven’t noticed this, an now feel I am floundering somewhat.

So I need to go back and look at what I’ve done and try and make some sense of what I have learnt during these experiments and contemplate what I might take forward.

I also need to combine this with the following pointers from my tutor:-

  • make sure habit doesn’t take over and stop me observing/looking
  • need to keep considering ‘what am I doing and why am I doing it?’.  Need to constantly try and take that forward.
  • palette – think about what my palette of choice might be and what it might express/communicate thinking about my subject matter.  Might help with the juxtaposition of the visceral and the tightening
  • Explore visceral marks in combination with tightening of the line
  • Need to stop and look at my experiments, make decisions about what I want to re-work and develop
  • Use spoiling techniques – e.g. Dumas and the scratching out/working under the eyes/mouths.  Could this work for me?
  • Eyes – how can I focus in on them and treat them in my work?
  • How can I show my dis-ease with my materials to add to the energy of the subject tmatter?
  • I need to try and use my dislike of the unknown/unfinished and bring that to my work.

What has worked then?

Humbrol3.2 monoprint9 linedrawingleft4 linedrawingleft9

linedrawingleft12 AJPS23 monoprint8 AJPS20

linedrawingleft6 humbrol1.3

These are probably the only images that I see something in that I might contemplate further. They show me moving away from my normal presentation of images and the use of my left hand in some of them has shifted the way I have put down the information my eye is seeing. Now to try and combine the elements of layering, of working at a slower pace, of putting marks down that continue the work I started using my left hand and trying to transfer it to the way I work with my right.



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