Assignement 2 prep – Louise Bourgeois – Tate Modern July ’16

The collection of work by Louise Bourgeois in the extended Tate Modern had a real impact on me, particularly in terms of my work for assignment 2.  I found most of her work particularly dark and uncanny and it sparked many thought processes and ideas in contemplation of what was on display.

The heads and figures on display seem disfigured and unnatural. They seem as though we shouldn’t be seeing them in this way.  It is showing me something I know in my subconscious but don’t want to be reminded of it. Something in the nature of mind and its darkness.

LBHomeforRunawayGirls LBFigures LBHead

I want to produce a piece of work from the perspective of a collector for my assignment.  It is from the viewpoint of someone who is fixated/obsessed with imaginary connections with other people, in this case with Angela Johnson’s.  I am intending to present the work in a drawer – such as one might see in a cabinet of curiosities.  Therefore, I had started to imagine images of heads being stored away, alongside some other trinkets or items connected to these people.  This exhibition helped me to see that I would in fact like to try and make some 3-D fabric stuffed heads to also add into the collection, and to add some written work alongside it.  I am also inspired by the idea of incorporating a lino cut, written as if from the collector/obsessive.  At the moment I have ideas but nothing concrete to go with, however, this exhibition has certainly helped me shift my ideas on considerably.


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