Assignment 2 – Criteria Review

Demonstration of visual skills: Materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills

I have challenged myself to use two unfamiliar materials in assignment 2 (oil paint and humbrol).  I have tried to break habitual behaviours and have sat in a very uncomfortable place for most of this project. I have listened to my tutor’s feedback and approached my method of painting in a different way, I have adjusted my pace and this is reflected in my final piece. I have also thought about each decision regarding the presentation of the project and have, therefore, been engaged in a process of self-reflection throughout assignment 2.

Quality of outcome: content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas

This project has been a successful one for me – there has been a clear evolution from the very first group of Angela Johnson paintings from assignment 1.  I have engaged with my research in a more reflective way and tried to then apply it to my practice – I have attempted to understand what any new knowledge means to me personally and have created a response to it within this project. It is hard to say whether I have communicated my ideas effectively – having worked with these images for so long, they lose any feelings of disquiet or unfamiliarity – I feel the 3D heads bring in the feeling of uncanny if the paintings don’t quite evoke that sense, however, it is my hope that enough of my ideas are portrayed in my final piece to enable the viewer to be interested, engaged and unsettled at the least!

Demonstration of creativity: Imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice

This is an area that is working for me with my Angela Johnson project.  I am motivated and inspired by the work and by all the research that I have been doing – and this has led me on various routes that I have been keen to follow.  I have further ideas for this project – to work in a phenomenological way in response to my experience of the uncanny, and I would also like to produce a series of lego characters with the heads painted as Angela Johnson’s.  There is scope for me to develop the salt dough painted heads further, and also to continue and refine my experiments using the compact mirrors.  I have been lucky to have been able to continue this project on from assignment 1 and I, therefore, feel a clearer personal voice is starting to show in my practice.  I am feeling slightly bolder with the presentation of my ideas and have a stronger sense of where my capabilities might lie.

Context: Reflection, research, critical thinking (learning logs and essay)

I have spent more time than ever before, researching and contextualising this project. I have looked into a variety of sources, both artistically and in writing.  I have used what I have learnt to inform my practice and push myself beyond my own self-limiting habits.  I have approached all my decisions with awareness and intention to create a response to the reading and research that I have undertaken.

At this point I am keen to further my research and critical thinking by reading and reflecting on more academic work relating to the nature of mind, obsession and the uncanny and am hoping that this will inform my practice in new and exciting ways.


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