Reflections on Tutor Report for Assignment 2

Lots of very helpful and generous tips, advice, feedback in my latest report.

I am really uncomfortable with my direction at the end of assignment 2 so am intending to do a complete u-turn on subject matter. I am, therefore, using the feedback to inform where I go now, how I continue to push my methodology and application, how to refine my research and critical thinking.

Cheryl suggested I look at these humbrol paintings and review, analyse and respond to each of them.  This analysis will then enable me to make decisions on palette and handling. I will do this in a separate post.


humbrol3-15 humbrol3-14 humbrol3-11

humbrol3-9 humbrol3-7 humbrol3-5

humbrol3-3 humbrol3-1 humbrol3-2

I also need to review, edit and select my postings – I can see what Cheryl is expressing in this – it is more and more important that I am able to leave out necessary information. I need to create all posts as if for assessment and have the additional information stored in a different place so I can access it.

I feel unable at this point to engage with the suggested reading/viewing because I feel strongly that I mustn’t continue with my research into the uncanny. Cheryl has suggested I explore my sense of the uncanny visually in subtle ways – this can be applied directly to my new line of enquiry into the more positive, uplifting and connected intention that I now have with my work.

Selecting a few pertinent artists to more deeply analyse and reflect upon – I intend to look at the work of the Abstract Expressionists, Eleanor Moreton, Kim Baker, Emma Talbot, Steve Moberly, Sarah Dwyer and Karl Bielik for this and will write separate posts for each.




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