Research – Eleanor Moreton, Kim Baker, Emma Talbot

Eleanor Moreton

Why am I looking at Moreton’s work? It is the translucence and ethereal feeling of her work that are of interest – they are almost impossible to grasp in a solid fashion with soft, light application of colour and choice of palette.

Ochre Interior

I particularly like ‘Ochre Interior’, an earlier painting.  The abstraction of the images are taken to a certain point, but there are certain references to recognisable forms that enables the brain to fill in details.  The use of thin paint adds to the overall energy of the painting – it has a ghostly, slightly unnerving impact, however, the central, almost iridescent light literally brings illumination – a sense of light into what might be a darker more foreboding image.  I really like the bright tones used in the light, and am also interested in the direction of the brushstrokes and how that also adds to the atmosphere of the work.

Kim Baker

I am really interested in Baker’s method of applying paint – the sweeping brush strokes are done beautifully – there are combinations of colours in each stroke, all of which look deliberate – there is a meticulous nature in what appears to be loose and gestural.  I like the abstraction away from the form and the sense of a energetic response within the paintings.  The choices of colour palettes are something I will study further – e.g. Image 9 in the ‘Paintings’ section has really rich colours that have intensity but also great depth and beauty.  They aren’t challenging, they invite the viewer in for a closer look.

Emma Talbot

Why do I like Talbot’s work?  There is such a variety of mark making and approaches within each piece she produces.  I am interested in the way she juxtaposes the figure sections with the ornamental/densely painted backgrounds.  I am interested in her ability to continually change the format that her paintings take, there is a freshness to each new setting, despite each painting continuing to show the same figures.  There is a clever connection to memories, to our inner world.  We are drawn into Talbot’s world to reflect on our own lives and our responses then become emotive ones – something I would like to bring into my own work.

Please refer to my research sketchbook for further research and investigation into experimentation with painting methods.


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