Part 5 written project ideas


I intend to write about oil painting for my essay in Part 5. This choice has been inspired by my research into artists such as Cathy Lomax, Annabel Dover, Eleanor Moreton (Absent Friends) and their use of thinned oil paints.  It also, therefore, connects into my work for part 3 and the mono prints that I have done.  It is a medium I am new to and would like to use more in my own practice – I particularly like the effects, textures and marks that can produced when the paint is thinned and would like to experiment further with this as I continue with the course.

The artists I have picked are:-

Historic – Francisco de Goya

Contemporary – Luc Tuymans

It may seem a strange choice in some ways that I have picked these two artists given their oftentimes bleak subject matter, particularly in light of my desire to produce work that gives hope/aspiration/light. However, in some ways painting light is the same as painting darkness and that connection feels vital to this research.

In my initial investigations to decide which artists to choose, I read a number of times that De Goya is thought of as the ‘last of the old masters and the first of the moderns’. I feel there is something important in this, that he is a crossover and his techniques will greatly help me understand something in my own practice.  I am also very interested in the way Luc Tuymans works and he seems a perfect coupling to reflect on with Goya – he describes his ‘The Shore’ painting as coming in part from his fascination with de Goya’s black paintings, and this link also feels vital to anchoring my understanding of the nature of research and how it applies to one’s practice.

I am also interested in speed with which Tuymans works.  I understand that he spends a long time preparing to create a painting, however, the process, when started, lasts no more than 24 hours.  This feels like a method of working that would suit me – to give an idea space to evolve and develop but when committing to consolidating all that work on canvas, then the act of creating the work is done in a finite period of time.

One final intention with this research is to look largely at portraiture given that I am intending to be a figurative artist (I will look at the work curated for the National Gallery exhibition earlier this year).  I will also look at de Goya’s black paintings to see what other methods of painting are used that I can then apply to creating specific energetic connections within my own work.



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