Part 3. Exercise 3

My intention with this exercise was to experiment with producing different textures and marks when removing ink.  I began by covering the plate in ink with a roller and removed the ink using rags, scrim, dry brushes, cotton buds and zest-it.

ex3-38 ex3-37 ex3-36

I then tried applying ink in different ways, in different strengths and combined it with removing ink using the above methods.

ex3-33 ex3-39 ex3-35 ex3-34

Again, I was trying to capture a sense of hope, movement, aspiration in the work – a lot of it was experimenting with colours as I had yet to hit on a combination that worked.  When reviewing the images I had produced what I liked was – areas of flat colour, prints with enough white of the paper still showing to add an iridescence to the overall quality of the image, abstraction of the face and also the painterly application of thinned ink.

The last 3 images were the right colour combination for the energy I wanted to convey.  There is enough white of the paper showing, but I would say the middle image is too literal in my drawing of the face.  It is these three prints I intend to use as my starting point for my assignment and I want to be more conscious of how I apply the ink in a painterly fashion, without it looking pre-planned and hesitant but also without it looking messy.


ex3-310 ex3-312 ex3-311



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