One of the common errors I see I have made during exercises 2 and 3 is the similarity of mark making.  Whilst I may have used the wiping techniques and applied the ink in different ways, I do not have enough contrast in the pieces.  There isn’t a huge distinction between the background, foreground, tone, negative vs positive space.  The experiments below were carried out quickly, attempting to bring forward the image, heighten tone and to add depth to the figure.  I had ‘Stern’ 2004, Marlene Dumas in mind for the first two – I wanted the nature of the posture to remain ambiguous.

The second pair were more successful as I have managed to keep a variety of mark making in them (which I have lost in the first two – they have become almost a repetition of themselves, just in another form). There is also not enough white of the paper showing in the first pair (particularly the second of the two) and that has also impacted my ability to bring luminosity and space into the pieces (reminding me of the importance of pacing myself with work to ensure I am not losing too much of the blank canvas/paper as I go).

ex3-33 img_0154

ex3-32 img_0155

ex3-35 img_0157

ex3-22 img_0156