William Kentridge, Whitechapel Gallery (Study Visit) 2016


There were many parts of the Kentridge exhibition that I found inspiring – words, images, layers, concepts – it felt like a dense, intense experience engaging with this collection of work and I have taken away a number of ideas that I will hope to use in my own practice.

Words – the importance of words/text alongside the image.  Maybe even just as the title of a piece but the realisation of this importance.  Words like ‘unremember’ and ‘unhappen’ stick with me – poignant connections – brings people in with their own interpretations.

Sound – the element of sound makes Kentridge’s work a far more immersive experience for me – it draws me in, I am unable to keep any part of myself from engaging. This is something I am interested in – I want to work using sound as an inspiration for my paintings but I am also drawn to the use of sound as part of the experience of viewing my work. (As the use of music seems to me to add an emotive, sub-conscious response).

charcoal/ink – there is something important about using these two mediums in my work – I was reminded of this seeing Kentridge working in a series of different films.  They connect with something sacred for me, and I need to find a way to incorporate these with my painting process (which I also saw in the de Kooning work and some of the Motherwell work at the Abstract Expressionism exhibition).

Layers – the use of different mediums, ideas, concepts.  Seeing Kentridge’s work was like viewing an installation of his mind – multifaceted and complex. The layers evoke a feeling of saturation for me – every aspect or angle for connecting with the viewer is utilised and engaged with.




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