It strikes me that there are two enormous shifts that need to take place within me for me to move forwards with my own art practice.  The first is a change in pace and output to ensure my work is more focussed, more potent.

The second is to learn how to sit with the ‘unfinished’ or ‘in progress’ and not place meaning on how it looks, what it means about the painting and in turn what it says about me.

The act of taking time out from each painting, siting back and waiting for the right moment to return to it, brings with it an inherent level of discomfort. I have to sit with my work being something that isn’t how I’d like, or indeed may not seem like anything in particular at all.  Each time I work I am now engaging in a process of creation, of exploration and investigation. Whilst that is exciting it is also unsettling.  I either need to leave all judgement at the door and accept everything as it comes, or embrace failure and accept that each layer of a painting may bring negative thoughts and a questioning of my purpose.  Whatever I end up doing, I need to engage with this further to explore why my comfort zone feels so challenged when leaving work unfinished.


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