Exercise 4.2

This exercise asks to ‘Make a series of three circular pencil drawings, using coloured pencils, of a scene in your house.’  I wanted to reflect something inspiring in my environment and chose the instagram feeds of artists that I follow. I took photos of my monitor screen showing each person’s work and then focussed in on an area showing images rather than any words.  I am interested in the way we are becoming culture that uses images to describe feelings (e.g. emojis), and part of this project is to explore that.  Are we regressing as we move away from the use of words to enable us to engage with feelings? Or is it a movement to discard intellect for feeling and move towards a different way of existing?


ex4-22 ex4-21


I had the delicacy of Annabel Dover’s work in mind when completing these drawings. They are subtle, whimsical but also meant as an homage to the artists that inspire me.  They are done as an act of reverence to these people rather than simply ‘copying’ their work. The circular presentation also adds potency to the images – are they a stolen view of something, a snapshot, even a memory of something beautiful?  My intention would be to title each piece stating the name of the artist and ‘instagram’ to ensure clarity of intention.


In terms of the quality of the work, I find the third image from Karl Bielik’s page the most powerful.  It reminds me:-

to contemplate mark making

to contemplate colour

to be bold and strong, fearless even

I find there is something incredibly fresh and expansive about Bielik’s work which is why I am also carrying out experiential research based on his style for my own learning.


On a general note I would like to push this idea further by producing work on a much larger scale (each of these fit on an A4 sheet). I would like to see how scale might then elevate the status of the content of the work, that they ‘raise up’ the work of the artist, it becomes larger than life, the work almost taking on a ‘super status’ with its greatness in stature.  The cheeky side of myself also wonders about creating large works in the above style of various artists’s pages, but then to super-impose one of my own pieces in one of the squares.  This would be on one level, simply in fun, but also to question  the validity of myself as an artist vs ‘successful’ artists. It would also be to contemplate on a wider scale the hierarchy of importance within human culture.


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