Thinking Tantra, January 2017 Drawing Room

thinkingtantra2 thinkingtantrathedrawingroom

Another strangely located and interesting gallery to visit.  Again, it felt like a progressive and contemporary place to experience work, nothing inflated about it.  The thing that interested me mostly in the work in the ‘Thinking Tantra’ exhibition was the detail.  There were some really intricate devotional drawings that left me in awe of the knowledge and ability needed to create them.  It also made me contemplate if I could create that kind of detail as a layer in my own work, and if I would do that, what kind of detail would I be looking to create?

I had expected that the work would all be deeply meaningful to me in this exhibition given I have an interest in spirituality and buddhism – I had thought I would find some ‘roots’ for my own painting practice looking at the work…I did get a sense of defining my own practice but it wasn’t what I was expecting.  I realised I am not someone who wants to create devotional or spiritually oriented art.  My desire to offer hope and light within my work is coming from a different place…maybe somewhere more raw, almost definitely doesn’t feel elevated.  I think it’s about expressing a desire to be complete, to feel passion and connectivity and a sense of being fully present, that is what I am after. To be at one with the human experience and with ourselves.  This work was beautiful, reverential, but too quiet for me.  It was too meticulous and measured and some of the work felt a bit of a parody of spirituality – it felt rather ‘expected’, it wasn’t there to push boundaries, thoughts or expectations.  Having said that, there was also the opposite, but there was less surprising and exciting work to contemplate.

A great place to visit though, I got a lot out of the journey to be there and everything I saw despite coming away thinking the unexpected.


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