Turps Gallery, ‘In Conversation’ January 2017

turps2 turps1

This was a really interesting gallery visit. Firstly the location was an eye-opener for me – bang in the middle of the Aylesbury Housing estate in Wandsworth I could barely find my way there.  But it was an enriching experience – it felt like artists creating art, showing art and being real.  It felt all the more special for it. It felt as though I could be part of this kind of movement, it wasn’t overly inflated, it was about keeping painting genuine.

Suzy Willey’s work was really fascinating – oil paint densely applied so it looked edible, particularly where the paint seemed to have been applied using an icing bag, rendering the paint mirroring the look of an iced gem.  I liked her work because it was bold and brash….and new (to me), I’ve never seen paint applied in this way.  The process of of her work became of real interest, I spent a lot of my time looking closely at the way the paint had been applied (or guessing at the methods she’d used). I was also interested in her choice of palette – lots of the colours were in ice cream style ‘cute’ pinks, mauves etc.  The effect this had on me was to trick my body into thinking it was looking at food!  Fascinating, my mouth actually started watering – on a sub conscious level my eyes sent messages to my brain to tell me I was looking at food…I am baffled by this and also interested as it is the sub conscious response and energetic engagement with artwork that interests me the most (and is something I want to work towards incorporating in my own practice).

Róisín Fogarty’s work was more subtle – pared down geometric shapes overlaid with what felt like memories of things imagined or half remembered. I was interested in Fogarty’s choice of structure, what she had edited from the image and the colour choices she made – the palette particularly because I couldn’t understand from within myself why the colours had been chosen, I didn’t get it on an instinctive level and that stopped me engaging with some of the pieces.  This is obviously useful to note in terms of my own colour choices and pushing myself to explore just how I can engage with colour to create an engagement with the subject matter and intention for my work.


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