Pre-Assignment review of work for Part 4


I have been working with oil paint during this section – it is a medium I have wanted to try before but have been put off because of what appears to be complexity regarding how to use it.

There haven’t really been frustrations – as soon as I began I knew this was a medium that really suited me.

Why do I like it?

  • I am encouraged to paint in layers because of the nature of the paint, in fact I even look forward to this element which is certainly a shift for me.  This change also enables me to embrace or pursue the unknown element in my work.  Adding time and space between layers means I am never fully sure of where I am going with the painting – which in turn creates excitement/anticipation within the process which in turn means the creation of a painting is a much more dynamic process.
  • the density (or not) of the colours. That there is so much more choice with oil paints.  That I can paint in in layers dry on dry, or I can paint an entire piece wet on wet.  I can use mediums to create different effects – it has been an exciting process of discovery that I am keen to continue.

What did I learn?

  • That my abstraction layer is only part of my process in creating work.  I need to bring in the tension by incorporating structure in some way.
  • that I need to continue experimenting with pace – there is not enough of this within my paintings
  • that the many ways for using oil paints (thinned, textured, impasto, wet on wet, painting on dry layers etc) will enable me to ensure I have a different approach for each layer in my work.  There needs to be a level of completion within each layer – and I then need to begin the process as new for the next one.
  • that i must continue to research and experiment with how to express my ideas using oil paints – that this is the process that shifts my understanding, the work beyond and outside of the coursework.  E.g. I really must explore ‘expressive brushwork’, symbols and imagery, colour palette (i.e. what is my colour palette?), structure/form/tension.  All of these things are clear to me as personally crucial in defining my personal voice and need to be worked with on a daily basis.
  • that working every day on different layers encourages moments of success!  As my momentum builds up over days something aligns itself within me and suddenly I am able to truly flow using the paint as my means of expression.

Part 5.

How am I going to develop my work from part 4 into part 5?  A key element for me to take forward is freedom vs structure, exploring tension and learning how paint using  layers without overworking them.  I will also continue to experiment with oil paints and learn how to use them


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