Additional work

During the process of experiencing Part 4 over a very extended period I have really connected with a deep love of painting.  I find it a form of expression that really works for me – and painting on a daily basis, leaving the work and returning to it at a later point to add layers creates the opportunity for surprising and exciting elements to occur – whether with composition, subject matter or colour. The paintings below are a beginning into my exploration of my inner self using paint.

abstract2 abstract4

abstract1 abstract3

abstract5 abstract6

abstract7 painting1

paintinglayer7 oilpaintsketch4

This painting became this after many layers.

oilpaintsketch paintinglayer2

This painting became this with the final layer.

psb6 paintinglayers8


I now need to review patterns within my style of painting – are there symbols, shapes, structures that occur?  Are there colours that I naturally am drawn to?  Are there methods of creating certain marks (e.g. using zest-it) that I particularly like?

I have connected with a certain style of painting within these experiments, however, I would now like to further this work by incorporating impasto layers, layers with figurative finely detailed imagery and also layers incorporating geometric composition.

On reflection I can also see a certain repetitiveness to my mark making.  I need to consider further my choice of brushes, mark making, pace, density of paint to broaden my abstract layer approach.



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