Assignment 4 – Criteria Review

Demonstration of visual skills:

I have been absolutely committed to learning how to use oil paints in this section of the course.  I have experimented with mark making, using different mediums, thinners – exploring the possibilities that oil painting holds for me.  I have attempted to be experimental with the paint but without compromising on observation.  Most of the coursework was produced over a number of days, revisiting the images more than once, building up layers and all the while considering what my intention was – what were the qualities of paint I was seeking to exploit? How was I going to apply it, what mediums were appropriate to use, what areas compositionally needed working on? I was rigorous with my self-questioning and with my inner process with all the work I produced.

Quality of outcome:

For the first time my response to the brief in my coursework has a subtlety to it which is a big shift for me.  I have enjoyed the new feeling of space for ideas to flourish and for inventiveness to take form in my work.  My subject matter could be seen as dull, but that was the intention behind the work – to challenge the stereotype of the everyday being banal.  I created my paintings with a great sense of reverence for the creative process and for the images I was painting, and it is as much the act of creating the work that holds importance for me as it is the end result in this series of paintings.

Demonstration of creativity: Imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice.

My daily layers of paintings and sketchbook work have been very much my guide for developing my artistic voice in Part 4. I have allowed myself complete freedom to explore abstract layers, to draw/paint whatever I am inspired to, without filtering intellectually.  I have challenged myself not to judge what I create and have tried to accept everything as a step towards connecting with something that hasn’t yet fully formed.  As such I have much greater awareness of ideas, themes, possibilities surfacing in my work and am incredibly inspired to keep up my daily process of exploration.

Context: Reflection, research, critical thinking (learning logs and essay).

I have taken my research and reflection into consideration on a daily basis with Part 4.  I have dedicated myself in my attempts to understand what my processes and intentions are as an artist – I have chosen specific artists and a) created paintings based upon their style to try and experience first hand some of their working methods and b) used particular paintings as inspiration for palette choices, mark making ideas, painterly qualities.  Considering Fiona Rae, Joan Mitchell and Karl Bielik have had a particular impact on the development of my artistic voice.  I am very much interested in Rae’s painting style and use of symbols/imagery, Joan Mitchell’s work has helped me to connect more deeply with my sub-conscious response to music and to the inner intentions that I need to hold to create abstract layers with integrity, and Karl Bielik’s work has inspired me enormously in terms of allowing myself freedom to create layers – and to do so with boldness, subtlety and also to allow time for each stage of painting to sit until I am ready to work on the image further.



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