Content of Ideas (2)

Having now completed Part 4 I am interested to note how much my concept of my own artistic practice has changed.  During the last 3 months I have had various notions of ‘who I want to be’ as an artist.  I connected with a feeling that I wanted my work to bring a pause from suffering for those that see it.  I connected with something dark and deep when looking at Dean Melbourne’s work – could I bring that sense of a celebration of the darkness into my own work?  The layers painting I have been doing has connected me more to a truthful expression of my own experience of the human condition – incorporating fears, dreams, imaginings.  Which one is me?  I can see they all are but each time I connect with a different perception I imagine that is where the answers lie.  I can now see that there is no finite answer, no definition of exactly who I am as an artist.  I need to continue to pay attention and work with each idea as it comes to see where it takes me.  Encapsulating these thoughts as a whole, I feel my work is an attempt at an expression of how it feels to experience the human condition and in some way to make the myriad of responses to that a reflection that we are all ok as we are.


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