Assignment 4 – Response to Tutor Report

The word struggle and confusion have been used in this report, both about my journey learning to oil paint and about the content of my work.  I acknowledge that, until I resolve my pull to reflect on the darker side of human nature,my artistic voice and direction are likely to be stifled somewhat. It is something I am now working on.

I have been advised that I am tackling too much at once for a level 1 course and that I should now try and explore visual language rather than style.  I have been referred back to the Level 1 criteria and outcomes and have taken this on board for this final section of UPM.  I am more focussed on the act of painting and less on the content.  I have worked much more slowly and tried to be more attentive to what I am achieving with the paint.   I am now thinking more about the way I paint being part of my artistic voice, just as much as the content.  Hopefully it will work!


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