Exercise 5.2 – Ink/Watercolour sketches

This exercise helped me to remember how structures can provide tension in a piece of work and accurately depicted perspective also works in the same way, also creating a flow of more dynamic energy.

  • five sketches in black and diluted black ink on grey/beige postcard-size paper.

What has worked:-

  • The textures and forms created within the ink
  • using a variety of tones
  • using structure and perspective

What hasn’t worked:-

  • The final two are too vague. The image looking over the water is too vague – I should have tightened it up and brought in more definition within the tonal areas.  The image with the beach structure is also lacking in tonal variation – it needs more texture added, particularly to the sea and to the immediate foreground.  I also found the darker grey paper in these two images worked against me – there isn’t enough of a sense of light in the work because the tone is quite dark. The lighter grey paper worked much better.
  • five sketches in watercolour on HP watercolour paper, postcard sized.



What has worked:-

  • Using the watercolour in a more ‘drawing-like’ way for the first image was a way of working I haven’t tried before and which I enjoyed
  • The second image only utilises one colour but utilises the qualities of watercolour well in the rendering of the structures.
  • The juxtaposition between colourful sky and the landscape being depicted in dark grey/blue in the final piece works well.  I find I enjoy painting images in darker environments as the shapes take on their own life, morphing into something that is harder to read but more intriguing.

What hasn’t worked:-

  • The third image in blue is too simplistic. For some reason I found it harder to explore different tonal variation using a colour – I feel this image is too naive.
  • The fourth image of the boats in marshland is too tight and dull!!  I was trying to experiment with just using a small amount of colour to add interest beside a monotone palette but the actual style of painting is too twee and without enough tonal variation.

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