Review of Level 1 Painting BA Criteria

Looking at the assessment criteria I can now see that focussing less on content and more on the development of my technical and visual skills is an important step for me.  If I am aiming to work towards a first the criteria say I need to be ‘presenting a developing personal creative voice’ and this is one of the three areas that come within the ‘demonstration of creativity’ which is worth 20%.  It is a timely reminder that I need to go back to focus on my use of materials and techniques, to show evidence of my observational skills within my work and to think more about how I am creating rather than why.  Given ‘imagination, experimentation and invention’ also come within the section containing personal voice, I can see that working experimentally and using independent thought about processes and methods will also demonstrate my growing personal voice without the need for the content to be complex. I will, therefore, focus more on the assessment criteria for the work I create for Assignment 5 in the hope to continue to develop the areas required for this level.



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